Vinayak City Centre - Allahabad
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Corporate Leasing
The functional aspect of corporate leasing is something which cannot be categorized in simple language. Acquiring a property is a complex process which involves various aspects. Corporate leasing starts with expansion planning, identifying the location, locating the right property, satisfactory negotiation of lease rentals, documentation procedures and the final acquisition of the property.

We provide comprehensive real estate consultancy services to Indian and multinational companies looking to set up their facility. Our services include all aspects of a client’s real estate needs.

Right from choosing appropriate facilities to enhancing the work infrastructure – an end to end solution that is streamlined and tailor-made. Keeping vital factors like the nature of business, requirement of space, other corporate in the vicinity, building and parking facilities in mind, we effectively guide our valuable clients in filtering and short-listing prospective sites for their office.

Our core competency lies in partnering corporate during their crucial phase of expansion in terms of providing consultancy services for real estate decisions. Our experts efficiently take corporate through the cumbersome legalities of real estate transactions.

Investment Advisory
In recent times, the Indian real estate arena, powered by a 30 percent growth, has become a hotbed of investment for both domestic as well as international investors. For an average person, making such investments and managing the same might seem daunting due to the rapidly expanding opportunities, appreciation of money, new entrants in market and emerging locations for investments. That is why an investment advisor is needed, to guide you in making the right decisions.

We provide our clients with specialized and efficient service encompassing reports and analysis on markets, details of developers, pros and cons of particular sites, future trends and investment security. At Vinayak City Centre, we ensure that our customer investments render high returns yet maintaining them safe and secure, with a high level of transparency in all levels of transactions. Maintaining a holistic approach to the service provided, we take our clients through the legalities and documentation, tours of the properties, transfer process and other relevant updates.

Understanding the financial profile of our client, forms the basis of the services we provide. It encompasses cash inflow sources, investment objectives and goals, assets other than securities, client’s desired liquidity and ability to take risks. In other words, we understand and acknowledge that our client goes beyond what we aim to manage in terms of their finances and investments.

Mall Management
"Capital value appreciation and return on investment for any mall in India, as elsewhere in developed world, would be dependent on the management and the marketing of the physical services of the mall unlike the traditional real estate value appreciation in the past."

Vinayak City Centre in its role as project administer would :

  • Provide comprehensive mall management services, assuring the client of professionalism and value.
  • Enable world class mall management services, in facility, security, finance, mall marketing to our clients. These services would result in better profit and value to the owner and tenant equally.

Media Planning
Vinayak City Centre doesn't take a cookie-cutter approach to media planning. Rather, we start with a comprehensive set of questions, such as :

  • What has been done in the past?
  • Who are we trying to reach? (Demographic and psychographic approaches/targets)
  • What are the measurable metrics for success?
  • Who is the competition? What / how are they doing online?

In approaching each media plan as a unique challenge, we are able to put ourselves into the shoes of potential consumers and understand where these consumers live online. Our experience has shown that building a flexible and high-quality media plan is more than targeting endemic and broad reach sites. Niche sites with loyal and passionate followings are key to engaging your potential consumer in a clutter-free, relevant environment.

Facility Management
In an ideal world, real estate executives manage facilities that operate flawlessly, freeing them to focus on real estate strategies that contribute to broader business and financial goals. In reality, many spend much of their work day managing routine facility management and maintenance tasks.

As the world’s largest facilities management company, we know that the ideal can be real. We’ve shown hundreds of the world’s best-known companies and institutions how to operate facilities with maximum efficiency, safety and employee comfort—and dramatically reduce costs in the process. Our facility management services typically show clients a 20 percent or more drops in their overall facility operating expenses.

What’s more, we expose our clients to all the best practices we’ve honed while managing office, industrial, technical, manufacturing, critical environments and one-of-a-kind facilities on five continents—often for the same company. Our facility management professionals will apply their hands-on experience to drive maximum value and efficiency in your commercial property portfolio.

Research & Valuation
We deliver well researched results based on our knowledge and experience.

Real estate appraisal or property valuation is the practice of developing an opinion of the value of real property, usually its Market Value. The need for appraisals arises from the heterogeneous nature of property as no two properties are identical; they differ in their location, age, architecture, floor plate and host of other technical features determining their value.

Our Real Estate Valuation Services provides comprehensive analysis of all comparable transactions and offerings in order to fully understand the range of prices achievable in the current marketplace. May it be a buyer/seller or lessee/lessor, valuation helps in establishing the true value of a asset, for a buyer in claiming the right amount and a seller in being confident about the price paid for the deal. Similarly it authenticates the actual rental worth for a lessee and vice-versa. We have the expertise to deliver valuation reports for varied property types like land, office building, independent office premises, industrial/R&D, special purpose properties and agricultural properties etc.

Through our market knowledge and experience in this sector, we have the capability to deliver valuation services for property of varied sizes and degree of complexity with an unbiased opinion of value. Our results are thoroughly researched, well documented, and clearly communicated.

Our team of seasoned technical experts comprising of Chartered Engineers and Certified Professional Valuers and qualified MBAs (Real Estate) provides authentic valuations of your asset thus; brings success in every real estate transaction & any financial matter in other words "a true value addition to the entire project".

Land Procurement
The difficulties that come in the process of Land Procurement in India are immense, given the population density, variation in acquisition laws in each state and the type of land use in the country. With changing government policies, rates and stiffness of the owners it looks nearly impossible for any individual or new entrant to acquire land. The difficult process of negotiations and due diligence requires only specialists. As the name says, under this vertical we facilitate the process of land Procurement for developers and investors for investment purposes or for any future development. We provide complete support on documentation, due diligence and negotiations with the landlords.

Through our experience in real estate we are able to identify properties having excellent growth potential. We assist you with the right way of Procurement starting from understanding the purpose of investment, handling negotiations with owners, interest holders and attorneys to complete legal documentation.